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Economics Society: A Year in Review

This academic year has been extremely exciting for the University of Edinburgh Economics Society. As the committee came together to discuss the direction of the society, it was clear that we shared a common goal of reinvigorating a sense of community within EconSoc through a range of interactive events, as restrictions on social gatherings were slowly being lifted. We envisioned the society to be an engaging platform that enables students to come together and meet people with shared interests through speaker events, careers events, sport and socials.

The Economics Society has become an integral part of university life for Economics students in Edinburgh and stands as the largest academic society in Scotland, with over 1200 active members and hosting more than 100 events each year. We aim to cater to a myriad of interests through the events that we host and aim to broaden our focus to foster a greater level of inclusivity each year. 

Following a year of lockdowns and restrictions where the option to host and attend in-person events was limited, we were determined to have an action packed first semester. The society took a hybrid approach in an attempt to maximise engagement amongst students. In-person socials have proved to be the most fruitful way to rebuild the community while speaker events  hosted virtually have allowed us to host events with academics based around the globe.

Alongside our weekly events, we were excited to oversee the return of our flagship event: The EconBall. Hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel, this was definitely a night to remember. Bringing together 200 students for a night of drinks, dinner and dancing two years into the pandemic was an exciting way to bring the academic year to a close. 

Looking forward, we are excited to host our Annual General Meeting on the 6th of April to elect and welcome the new committee that will guide the direction of the society next year. Undertaking a role on the committee represents an exciting way to take charge on projects that you are passionate about and is a great avenue for personal and professional growth. To those interested in joining the committee, we encourage you to reach out to the current committee to hear more about what the experience entails. 

My role as the President of the Economics Society has been the highlight of my third year at university. Rebuilding the EconSoc community two years after the pandemic has been extremely rewarding. I am extremely grateful for the friends I have made along the way but also to have played a role in this unique opportunity to bring people together. During my time as President, I have constantly been pushed outside of my comfort zone to navigate new scenarios and this has provided me with an opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills.  I would specifically like to thank all of the EconSoc committee members. Each and every member of the committee plays a crucial role in the way that the society functions and has enabled me to achieve the goals I set out for my time as President. 

Weekly Socials

The Economics Society has really enjoyed a return to its weekly socials. We’ve hosted socials ranging from a poker night to friendly competitions of beer pong. It has been amazing to see students from different year groups come together every week. 

Speaker Events

The Economics Society has hosted several speaker events this year, both online and in person. This ranged from career talks on consulting to more academic presentations discussing the importance of integrating the social sciences and history into understandings of economics. Online events included speakers such as Deirdre McCloskey, Ian Bell and Imad Moosa. In person events have included talks with Mark Bell and Edinburgh alumn Sir John Kay.


Econ FC has bounced back from last year’s COVID disruptions emphatically. With over 65 members and two mens teams, regular training and socials, the year has been a huge success. The Saturday team won their first league title too. Econ FC is more than about winning though, the club all came together on the 19th February for a charity game against rivals GOZF. It was a great day for the club as we were able to show everyone what all of our hard work goes into.


This year, EconWomen has succeeded in creating a supportive environment where university students can form connections with anyone from their peers to company associates and speakers.


IBC returned this year with in-person meetings and a new drive to attract people from all backgrounds interested in a career in financial services. The Club maintained its traditional offerings of M&A Discussions and the 2022 Case Competition, with five teams competing in total!

Buccleuch Banter 

The Buccleuch Banter podcast is now in its second year and has seen the introduction of new hosts and a discussion of COP26 with Matthew Lawson a representative from the University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department

Consulting club

The EUCC ran consulting projects with Edinburgh based and overseas clients, invited several consulting companies such as BCG and Capgemini to hold case workshops, and ran a mentorship programme through our Women in Consulting initiative.


This year, EdEconSoc EDI kept growing and provided a range of speaker, social, fundraising, and career-oriented events themed on diversity and inclusion. EDI also recruited a team of students for a research project relating to equality. In order to give back to the local community, EDI secured another year of partnership with Edinburgh Women’s Aid and formed a new relationship with AdvoCard, two Edinburgh-based charities. EDI has also built up good relationships with other student organisations, in particular, ESL PALS has formed a stable, long-term partnership with EDI.


During the first semester, EconPALS went back to holding in-person sessions. However, we accommodated students who could not attend in-person sessions by running one of our sessions simultaneously in-person and online.

What we are most proud of is that attendance to our sessions has been consistently high throughout the whole of semester 1 – for a total of 540 attendees!!  

Moreover, we organised two in-person leader socials thanks to which we really got to know one another and managed to bond. We also organised a small Secret Santa, which was a really nice way to celebrate Christmas as a PALS Scheme. 

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