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Go Abroad

The Go Abroad Economics scheme started in February 2015, with a trip to Dubai. Since then, students have gone on trips to various destinations on four continents, including Cuba, Argentina and India, learning about real-life economics issues. On these trips, students are largely responsible for organizing the program, which includes in-depth studies of the destinations with visits to various businesses and government offices. These trips have enabled Economics students to witness first hand the world that economic models try to describe, and have given students opportunities to put their skills into practice.

In the coming months, trips are planned to Hong Kong, Morocco, Mexico and Peru. Students are currently conducting research into their selected destinations, in collaboration with both students and members of staff. Most recently, students have been on Go Abroad trips to Japan and Scandinavia, exploring the complexities of different economies, and learning about the social, cultural and political context of their destinations. In this section, we will hear about their experiences. For more information about the Go Abroad scheme, please contact

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