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The Go Abroad Economics scheme has been running since February 2015, when a group of staff and students embarked on the inaugural trip to Dubai. At the heart of the scheme is hands-on learning about economics, allowing students to apply their knowledge and curiosity to real-life issues. Students are largely responsible for organizing the trips, including visits to businesses, government offices, and political and financial institutions. These trips provide students with a global perspective on economics and give them opportunities to put their skills into practice. During the most recent winter break, students and staff travelled to Hong Kong to learn about the history, politics and economics of the region.

This section features the most recent GAE trip to Hong Kong, along with other articles discussing consumerism in China more broadly. There is a lot happening in this dynamic region, characterised by change and innovation. Feiyang Shi explores a change in Chinese government policy concerning capital outflows, James Baghurst details the rise of innovative mobile payment apps like Alibaba, and Stian Sandberg alerts us to the complex dynamics of China’s proposed Social Credit system.

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