Change – Spring 2019

Issue No. 18

“Welcome to the 18th issue of insight!

Our topic for this issue is partly inspired by trends in current events and partly inspired by my indecision when choosing a topic.  At first, my plan was that the magazine would be retrospective in style to celebrate the School of Economics’ 10th anniversary.   Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount that students wanted to write about the future and how the world is changing day by day.  It makes sense, that we as students imagine the future rather than look back at the past.  The future is bright and exciting, and is something that we can change for the better.  

And as change is inevitable within economics, it is also a part of the insight legacy as I pass the reins of this magazine on to the next team.  A special thank you to the fourth years on our team, Paulina, Daniel, Mahdi, Jonathan and Oliver, for taking the time out of their dissertations to work on this magazine.

As ever, many thanks to the writers, editors and the School of Economics for bringing this magazine to life.”

– Letter from the 2018-2019 Editor-in-Chief, Flora Mao, April 2019