Uncertainty – Spring 2017

Issue No. 14

“Welcome to the 14th issue of Insight! 

For this issue we chose the theme of ‘Uncertainty’. A large part of economics is about modelling an uncertain world and predicting what it could look like ‘t’ time periods from now. This procedure is imperfect, as many of this issue’s articles point out, but it is the basis for studying and applying much economic theory. This theme has allowed our writers to examine economic predictions in retrospect, as well as look towards the future making their own predictions for our uncertain world. We hope that this issue is able to stimulate conversation on the uncertainty that surrounds us and the various ways in which we prepare for it. 

I would like to take this chance to thank the writers, the Insight team, and the School of Economics, without whom this publication would certainly not be possible.”

– Letter from the 2016-2017 Editor-in-Chief, Melissa Parlour, March 2017