Sex, Love & Gender – Spring 2016

Issue No. 12

“Welcome readers, old and new. 

We are proud to present this latest issue of Insight, which tackles topics often sidelined in both popular and academic discourse. Articles within seek to shed light upon the views commonly held by economists, and the general population, regarding sex, love and gender. These discussions often draw attention to the required recalibration of our expectations and policies as the conversations around these topics advance. 

Over many years, academics have struggled to find consensus over the modelling of the emotional concept of love, often consigning it to the status of ‘non-pecuniary gains’ or simply unexplained error in models. Sex, whether for pleasure or procreation, is of course part and parcel to this, and in an age of increased agency alongside stretched resources, the externalities of our choices have arguably never been greater. Additionally, implications of our treatment of gender are beginning to receive long-overdue recognition in both business and social settings. 

As ever, many thanks to the writers, the editors and the School of Economics for enabling this issue to come to fruition.”

– Letter from the 2015-2016 Editor-in-Chief, Alex Everett, March 2016