Conflict – Spring 2012

Issue No. 4

“And so here we are again, with semester two’s offering of Insight. This time, we are focussing on the issue of ‘conflict’, in all its many comprehensions. We’ve got articles concentrating on traditional conflict, including competing superpowers, new supreme leaders and the rationality of war. But we’ve also looked at conflict within our societies, whether that be within the political system, such as the Tea Party and Occupy movements, or the very topical subject of Scottish independence. For the purpose of objectivity of course, we’ve got both sides to that story. Other interpretations have explored the conflict between us and our environment, another very relevant issue as the Earth Summit in Rio looms. It seems evident that the tension between human prosperity and the sustainability of the planet is one that needs addressing, and fast. 

Our Comment section is also full to the brim with interesting articles for you to enjoy, with articles ranging from a critique of modern economic theory, to the economics of baseball and even a quick lesson on nuclear fusion. And for a professional view on that conflict between growth and climate change, see our interview with Professor Sayer in the academic section. All in all, a perfect distraction from fast approaching deadlines and exams. 

Of course, all of this has only been possible due to the fantastic work of our editorial team, devoted designers and illustrators from ECA, and naturally contributions from a wide range of students at the University. I’d like to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication which allowed us to produce this magazine to such a high standard. Thanks also go to our sponsors and financiers, the Economics Society and the School of Economics. Sadly, this issue also marks the end of the Insight journey for most of the editorial team, as they graduate and move on to pastures new. I’d just like to thank them once again for all they’ve done for the magazine over the year and wish them all the luck in the future!

 It’s been great fun as always putting together this newest issue, and if you’d like to be involved in any part of the process next year, or have any feedback on this issue, do get in touch – an email is provided on the opposite page. We’re always on the hunt for eager new writers and illustrators for future editions. 

So on behalf of everyone at Insight HQ, let me invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy our latest offering. Thank you for reading.”

– Letter from the 2011-2012 Editor-in-Chief, Shira Lappin, 2012