Power – Autumn 2019

Issue No. 19

“Welcome to the 19th issue of Insight Magazine!

This autumn issue is intended to shed some light on the vast range of current affairs impacting our economy. From the conflicts in Hong Kong to the Global Climate Strike, we have identified a key driver of this development: power. Whilst power does make an appearance in economics textbooks, we believe it is worthwhile taking a deeper dive into how different sources of power has resulted in the economy we live in today. As such, we have decided to investigate the power of the individual, the power of the institution, the power of the green economy, and finally the power that turmoil can generate, in hopes of illuminating several important issues of today. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the School of Economics for their continued support and excitement for the magazine, without which this publication would not be possible. And as always, special thanks to the Insight team and our writers for making this issue come to life.”

– Letter from the 2019-2020 Editor-in-Chief, Stian Sandberg, November 2019