Global Trade – Autumn 2018

Issue No. 17

“Welcome to the 17th biannual issue of Insight! 

A number of forces were in play for us when choosing the theme for this semester’s issue of insight. There was the necessary inclusion of our GAE trip reports, and the increased global spotlight on trade policy. In an era that seems to be characterized by rising nationalism and protectionism, it is important to contiue looking ahead at our globalised world.   

As we look back and consider the development of trade over time, the largesse of effects that trade has on our society becomes obvious.  From sushi to international policy and even healthcare our lives are built by these global forces, and most importantly it is our decisions that create them.  

Many thanks to our writers, the  insight team, and the School of Economics for making this issue come to life.”

– Letter from the 2018-2019 Editor-in-Chief, Flora Mao, November 2018