The Internet – Spring 2017

Issue No. 15


The editorial team proudly presents our 15th instalment of the Insight Magazine, which addresses The Internet. Admittedly, our dear Tom Schueneman floated the theme ironically at first—along with ‘Meatball Subs’ and ‘Exotic Sodas from the Far East.’ But on the contrary I could not think of a more topical subject than what has come to define our generation like few other inventions, as it continuous to be a driving force for economic and societal developments.

 Appropriately, we are also launching an online version of our magazine, which can be found at Please have a look if you are interested in any of our prior editions as well as information on how to become a writer or editor.”

– Letter from the 2017-2018 Editor-in-Chief, Oskar Birol, 2017