Economic Progress – Autumn 2010

Issue No. 1

“Welcome to Insight, Edinburgh University’s Economics Magazine. As a student-run, student-authored magazine we are lucky to be somewhat insulated from the harsh economic realities of creditcrunch times. Certainly, without the admirable work of all of its contributors – writing for less than minimum, or any, wage – it is questionable whether this venture would have made it out the door of the cold flat it was first devised in.

 Looking back at the largest global financial crisis in 2008, and forward to restructuring the global economy, this issue’s Focus section’s theme of ‘progress’ is reflective of a wider public debate. Recent public protests around the globe have illustrated the strong disagreement on the direction the road to recovery should take. From the trading floors of Wall Street to the backstreets of Bangladesh there are clearly many different conceptions of the term ‘progress’; moreover, who is included in it. As the wide international scope of the following articles implies, it is with broad horizons that the theme of progress was conceived as the focus of the first issue. Similarly, the recurring theme of sustainable development is suggestive of what the economics students of Edinburgh conceive progress to mean. In the present context of global recession and endemic poverty, amongst other ailments, this is perhaps a good sign for the future! 

Whether one shares the views of the writers or not, reading the pages of this magazine I hope will inform as much as engage the reader in a dialogue about the shape the future economy should take. As one poverty eradication organization puts it, ‘without dialogue there can be no human development’. It is therefore for the very good of humanity I invite you to read on. 

If you have anything to add or would like to respond to any of articles, or the magazine as a whole we would love to hear from you. Contact details are on the facing page. And for those swiftly browsing over a cup of tea, there’s even a crossword on the inside backpage. Answers via email for the chance to win a lifetime subscription and dinner with our Managing Editor, Matthew Riley. He’s quite a charmer”

– Letter from the 2010-2011 Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Barker, 2010